St. Patricks Day Open
Selinsgrove, Pa.
March 12, 2016

Spring came early this year! Our St. Patrick’s Day open started with E and F classes pitching at 8:00 am.

The 5 person F class was won by Paul Definis of Philadelphia. However, the star of the F class show was 10 year old Lauren Foster. Lauren was the low person in the class, entering with a nearly 6% average. However, Lauren threw 17% for the tournament, including a number of doubles, and finished in second place! She finished with the highest average in the class and it was a pleasure to watch the professional way she handled herself.

The 7 person E class was won by Joan Douglas who is recovering from recent surgery. Joan won all but one game and appeared to be returning to her pre- surgery form. Bob Myers of Beech Creek finished 2nd. Also of note was the performance of 14 year old Brendon “Bubb” Dixon. Bubb finished in third place and averaged 24%, highest average in the class, and 5% above his entry average.

Not to be outdone by Joan, Walter Burtner won the D class while Jim Watson III took second.

Al “Sonny” Schickner won C class by winning every game and pitching 10% over his entry percentage. Ivan Header took 2nd while Larry Patterson took third.

Martin Bubb won B class while Barry Savage took second and Larry Patterson finished in third place.

A class was won by Ray Haskins. Ray won all but a half game and threw 5% over average, and at one time throwing 8 out of 10 ringers. Joe Dominelli of Delaware took second place.

The tournament went smoothly with no playoff games and we were able to leave by 7:00pm.