Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association:

5th Annual NY-PA Challenge Tournament (10/10/2010)

What a glorious day, replete with drama, suspense, and intrigue! PA's first attempt to win an easy round by telling half of the NY crew we were starting at 10am, while everyone else was told we were starting at 9:30am, failed miserably. The questionable attempt at an easy win was more than offset by the introduction of an HUGE NY state flag strategically placed where it would be most distracting.

Round one started right on schedule, with PA grabbing a 2 win lead. Then things went horribly, horrible wrong. NY somehow came back and grabbed a commanding lead in rounds 2 thru 5.

Pa. then played their trump card, providing boxes of Grotto pizza and encouraging our NY guests to "eat up". They did. Pa. started their come back in round 6, and tied the match at the end of round seven. Round 8 ended in a 32-32 tie, the first time in the history of the challenge match! Established rules stated that, in the event of a tie, each team choose a champion for a one game, deciding match.

However, NY offered an alternative solution. Rather than automatically picking their undefeated team leader, Mr. Dave/Eric "Derek" Conrad to assure a win, they suggested that the deciding match be held between Joel Hines, and Steve Swisher, two pitchers with nearly identical averages. Joel and Steve went "nose to nose" for the championship. Steve won 40-38 in one of the tightest games in recent history.

So, while the championship trophy is once again back in Pa., our team continues to be amazed at the sportsmanship and sense of fair play demonstrated by our Northern friends.

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