Veteranís Open Recap

EPHPA Selinsgrove Indoor Courts

November 14, 2015


Thank you to everyone who turned out for the Veteranís Open.  Our indoor season got off to a great start with 34 pitchers, including several veterans and TWO new NHPA members:  Mike Hand, from southeastern PA, and Lauren Foster, the daughter of Justin Foster.  Lauren brought her expertise as a softball pitcher to the horseshoe courts and threw 10 ringers in her first ever tournament.  Way to go Lauren!  She may have thrown more if she pitched from 40 feet!  Mike Hand came to us courtesy of Ted Bowers, and performed very well in his first NHPA tournament, finishing 3rd in Class B.  In fact, Mikeís very first shoe pitched in a sanctioned tournament was a ringer!  Lucky me.  Thanks to Ted Bowers for bringing us yet another new member and skilled pitcher. 


A special thank you to JoAn Douglas and Steve Swisher, neither of whom pitched, but sat in a chair all day and kept score.  I truly appreciate it.  Please see the results on the website for class winners.  Thanks again to all who participated and helped.


Submitted by tournament director:David ďDocĒ Holliday