Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Hall of Fame
Committee Members (current as of 8/31/2017)
Committee Member Name Year(s) as Chairman
Steven Kuchcinski 2018-2019
2875 Davison Road
Erie, PA  16421
David Fisher 2020-2021
909 North Penn Street
Allentown, PA  08102
Bill Enslen 2022-2023
PO Box 381
Prospect, PA  16052
Steve Swisher 2024-2025
2923White Birch Lane
Bloomsburg, PA  17815
Bob Jones 2026-2027
4136 State Route 158
New Wilmington, PA  16142
Tom Decker 2028-2029
334 Charlotte Street
Millersville, PA  17751
Tom Hewitt 2030-2031
1218 Walnut Avenue
DuBois, PA  15801
Walter Burtner 2032-2033
250 Wynona Drive
Auburn, PA  17922
The preceding list is updated as of 8/31/2017.  If you wish to resign your position, please contact the chairperson of this committee, as indicated by the dates next to each person's name. It is then the chairperson's job to contact the charter president of the appropriate association (East or West) to inform them of this vacancy, and it is the charter President's job to appoint a new committee member, and give that person's information to the current Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson. It is also the Committee Chairperson's responsibility to maintain this list, and make sure that all contact information for each Committee Member is correct and up-to-date.