2018 World Tournament Convention summary


Hello Eastern PA Horseshoe Pitchers…


Attached is a summary of some of items discussed and decided upon at this year's WT Convention.  There were a lot of very good, constructive discussions.  I am certain that this summary will not capture everything, but I have done my best to try and capture the major points (and transcribe my sloppy, handwritten notes!).


More importantly, I want everyone to know that there were some very important changes made this year, so PLEASE read this summary and share with the membership.  The NHPA website will also have most of this information, so I encourage everyone to take a look there as well and let me know if I've gotten anything wrong or if you have any questions. 


I was glad to serve as your delegate and happy to discuss anything in more detail if needed.


See you on the courts!

Doc (David Holliday)


P.S.  A couple of personal notes:


1. Many of you know Jane Barthlow from Maryland (especially those from the Dallas Horseshoe area).  Jane has always been a great friend and good supporter of Eastern PA.  Unfortunately, she had to withdraw from the tournament due to a back injury.   I do not have a status update on Jane’s condition at this point, but please keep Jane in your thoughts!


2.  On a brighter note, another dedicated soul to horseshoes that many of us know, Diana Ratliff, received the Sanctioned League Director of the Year Award.  This is a national recognition of Diana’s support of our game, and well deserved!  Diana has been a long time supporter of the game and received this award for her hard work and dedication running the sanctioned league in Frederick, Maryland.  Congratulations to Diana!