Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association


General Membership Meeting Minutes

February 16, 2014


Denny Hall opened the meeting at 12pm.  Lee Estep moved to accept the November board meeting minutes as posted. Mike Stone seconded. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report: Dave Holliday reviewed the treasurers report.  Jim Wech moved to accept the report as presented.  Walt Burtner seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Change of President: Dave Holliday thanked Denny for his two years of leadership as Denny will be passing the gavel to Ron Baker at the end of the meeting.


Indoor Tournaments: Our indoor tournaments at Selinsgrove are attracting more participants.  Mike Stone reported that, due to a new job, he will be unable to run the March indoor tournament. Dick Scott agreed to run that tournament. Denny Hall reported that the State Indoor Tournament will be held in DuBois April 11-13.


Web site: Lee Estep provided the web site report.  The site received more than 1,600 hits in the last quarter.


Medical Exemptions: Denny reported that at the Board of Directors meeting it was decided to  modify the Medical Exemption form to “permanent” and “temporary” with temporary exemptions to be reviewed every three years and managed by the Secretary.


Points Championship: Denny Hall reported that the Points Championship format will remain unchanged.


New Tournament Directors needed:  It was reported that both Shiloh and Fayetteville are in need of Tournament Directors and Carlisle needs a TD for May 3rd and July 26.


Farm Show: Dick Scott next reported that the Farm Show Horseshoe event was another huge success. We continue to receive increased press coverage and crowd participation. The Farm Show has committed to next years event. Dick also reported that the recognition of Harold Clippinger at the Farm Show was very successful and well received.


Hall of Fame Committee: Dave Holliday next reported on the Hall of Fame Committee and selection process. The committee is made up of 4 members from each side of the state and there is currently a vacancy from our side of the state.  Dave explained how the selection process works and how important it is to maintain the integrity of the selection process. Any denigration of the selection process actually minimizes the accomplishments of those who have received the honor previously. Harvey Hayes is currently the head of the selection committee.


Club Challenge: Rick Hawk reported that the Club Challenge event continues to be a success and the next challenge match will be October 12th at Selinsgrove and the event is limited to 7 teams.




New Business:


By-Laws: Jim Wech moved that the position of Secretary and Treasurer be split in the bylaws to reflect current organizational structure. Lee Estep seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Article 3 section 5 of the bylaws be amended to include “email”. Motion passed by consensus.


Article 7 “duties of the webmaster” shall reflect “all major changes to the website shall require approval of the Executive Council”.  Motion passed by consensus.


Lee Estep moved that the 2 year position of Treasurer and Secretary expire on alternate years to minimize the impact on the organization. Tom Decker seconded the motion. Motion Carried. The Secretaries position is up for reelection in 2015.


Lee Estep moved that the webmaster position be added to the executive council. Dave Holliday seconded. Motion Carried.



Dave Holliday moved that Jim Wech be elected as Tournament Coordinator.  Motion Carried.

Dale Estep moved that Rick Hawk be 1stnd VP. Motion Carried.

Dale Estep moved that Ron Baker be president. Rick Hawk seconded. Motion Carried.

Dale Estep moved that Tom Reuther be 2nd Vice President.  Motion carried.

Jim Wech moved that Dave Jadlocki be 3rd VP Martin Bubb seconded. Motion Carried.


Can AM horseshoe games: Dale Estep reminded the group that the Can AM horseshoe games will be held at Shiloh on July 19 and all help will be appreciated.


New Cumberland tournament format: Dick Scott will be trying an alternate tournament format at the New Cumberland tournament this year.  The format will be “count all” with an 80% handicap, plus the ability of the contestants to select their choice of starting times.


Regional Director: There was discussion as to the future of the Regional Director position and the issue will be revisited at the next Board of Directors meeting.


Non-sanctioned tournament information: On September 20th there will be a “Great American Cook Off and BBQ” event, including a horseshoe tournament, in the Philadelphia area. The EPHPA has been contacted to assist with the event and all volunteers will be appreciated to help with the event.  This will be a great opportunity to extend the EPHPA footprint into the Philadelphia area.


Newsline: Denny Hall reported that the “Newsline” will available on line after next year.


Next Directors’ meeting

Lee Estep moved to hold the next Directors meeting on November 8 at the Selinsgrove tournament. Tom Decker seconded. Motion carried.


Rick Hawk moved to adjourn. Tom Decker seconded. Motion carried.