EPHPA Board of Directors Meeting

For 2013 Season



The Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association Board of Directors meeting was held Sunday, November 10th,  2012, at 12pm at the Selinsgrove Center indoor pitching facilities. An attendance sheet was passed with 13 board members and 6 guests in attendance.


The minutes from the previous Board of Directors meeting have been posted on the EPHPA web site for 11 months and they were approved as posted.


Treasurer Dave Holliday next reviewed the Treasurer’s report.  Jim Wech moved to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented.  Lee Estep seconded the motion.  Motion Carried.


Ray Haskins presented a bill for $510.61 for costs to install court #5 at Selinsgrove Center and materials necessary to maintain the indoor facilities.  Lee moved that the EPHPA pay the bill.  Rick Hawk seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


President’s Report:

Denny Hall suggested that we better promote our tournaments and suggested the use of a facebook page as a way to better promote our events.  Denny and Dave Holliday both discussed the need for a promotions coordinator for the EPHPA.  No one volunteered for this important position

Denny also suggested that everyone update their Horseshoemaster program and offered to show us how to utilize our members database with Horseshoemaster after the meeting.


Denny reminded the Board that there were two important rule changes at this years NHPA meeting. The Junior Cadet Division age has been increased from 9 to 12.

It is now a RULE that pitchers cross over in front of the court when they finish pitching (if their opponent is pitching on the same side as they are).  The rule also states that you will stand QUIETLY at least two feet behind the other pitchers starting position (out of the vision of the opponent.


Webmaster Report;

Lee reported that our website experienced more than 40,000 hits this past year and that 22 other sites currently link to our site. It was suggested that our by-laws be added to our website.


Old Business:

The Points Championship program was discussed and a possible change to the Points Championship allocation was reviewed. The issue will be introduced at the General Membership meeting in February.  Lee moved that the Points Championship program include anyone who participates in an EPHPA outdoor tournament.  Dave Holliday seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Ron Baker next reported that this years Farm Show Tournament will be January 10th with setup starting at 7am.  All Pennsylvania NHPA members qualify to participate in the event. Open practice will be available until 9am. All contestants will throw a minimum of 30 shoes in a count all qualification round.  Those who qualify will then pitch in a 10 shoe count all finals competition at 2pm.  Prize money will be available for the top 5 finishers in both 30’ and 40’ competition.


New Business:


Denny Hall next showed a new option for State Tournament plaques that are cheaper than those currently being utilized.


The winter tournaments and schedule were next discussed.  With the addition of court 5 we now have the ability handle 12 competitors per flight without having to double up on the courts. It was decided to limit the number of pitchers per winter tournament to 24 to eliminate congestion and unreasonably long events.  The winter schedule and Tournament Directors are as follows:


November 10 – Dale Estep

December 8 – Denny Hall

January 12 – Butch Young

February 9 – Rick Hawk

March 9 – Dave Holliday


The location of the 2014 State Singles tournament was discussed. Denny Hall said that if Huntingdon was chosen they would add an additional 3 courts to better facilitate the event.  Dale Estep moved to choose Huntingdon as the site of the 2014 State Singles Tournament. Darle Esh seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Denny Hall agreed to host the 2013 State Doubles tournament at the Huntingdon facility.


Rick Berkheimer next reported that the York CVB is hosting the CAN AM Games July 13-20 in 2014 and they will be reintroducing horseshoes back into their event schedule.  The CVB has asked to use the Shiloh courts as location for the horseshoe competition and that the EPHPA support the event with scorekeepers, judges, materials, etc. Rick indicated he will support the event if his work schedule allows.  Several members volunteered to assist with this event.


The general membership meeting will be February 17th  2013 at the Mt. Wolf Clubhouse.


Rick Hawk reported that this year’s Club Challenge match at Selinsgrove was very successful with 7 clubs participating.  The Deleware Valley club was this year’s  champion.  Next years event will be Sunday, October 13, 2013.


Dale Estep moved to adjourn.  Rick Hawk seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

                                                                        Dale Estep - Secretary