General Membership Meeting



The annual membership meeting of the EPHPA was called to order by President Dave Holliday at 12pm on Sunday, February 26th at the Mt. Wolf club house.


Dale Estep read the minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of Nov.13, 2011.  Rick Hawk moved to accept the minutes as read.  Ron Baker seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Interim Treasurer Dave Holliday next presented the Treasurers Report.  Dave reported that the cash shortfall reported in the minutes has located and it was only a record keeping error.  Walt Burtner moved to accept the report as read.  Larry Noel seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Officer Reports:


Presidents Report:


 Dave Holliday thanked the group for their support the past two years and indicated how proud he was of the EPHPA’s ability to work together.


VP Reports:


 Denny Hall reported that the EPHPA trade pins will be available at $2 each or $18 per dozen.


Secretary Report:


Dale Estep thanked Dave Holliday for his leadership and the organization for their support.


Old Business:


Dave Holliday reported that this year’s analysis of the points championship program was not conclusive and he recommended that we not adjust the program this year.


New Business:


Nominations for 3rd VP were opened.  None of the nominees accepted the nomination..  The 3rd VP position is open. .


Dick Scott nominated Dave Holliday for Treasurer. Rick Hawk seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Rick Hawk nominated Dale Estep for Secretary.  Larry Noel seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Rules update:


Denny Hall reported that Rule #4 has been modified by the Board of Directors to not limit handicapped games to 50 shoes.


Denny Hall moved to delete rule #5.  Dale Estep seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Denny Hall next moved that rule #6 be shortened to read, “Opponents will be seated according to current NATSTATS averages. Rick Hawk seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Denny Hall next reported that at this year’s State Singles Tournament he is going to mix 30’ men and women’s classes below the championship classes.  The intent of the change is to provide a more fair and equitable competition for all pitchers.


Denny Hall next moved that we provide second place plaques for seven person classes or larger.  Jim Wech seconded the motion.   Motion carried.


Dave Holliday next discussed the upcoming Pro Tour and the uniqueness of the competition.  He spoke of tournaments this year in Frederick, Maryland, Waterloo, New York, Vermont, and York, Pa. and encouraged all members to participate.


Dick Scott discussed the great success of this year Farm Show.  He extended special thanks to the “pit crew”, the scorekeepers, announcer, those that worked with the public, and the judges.  The EPHPA received great recognition and the sport was exposed to thousands of visitors. 


Walt Burtner moved to adjourn, Ray Yoder seconded the motion. Motion carried.