EPHPA Directors Meeting

November 13, 2011



The Board of Directors of the EPHPA held their annual meeting at the new indoor pitching facilities at Selinsgrove Center at noon on November 13, 2011. 

President Dave Holliday opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the new pitching facility.

Dale Estep read the minutes from our 2010 Board Meeting.  Dave Fisher moved to accept the minutes as read.  Jim Wecht seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Dave Holliday next explained to the board that, due to a job change and new employer regulations, Mike Berish was not able to complete his responsibilities as treasurer.  In order to keep the organization viable, Dave volunteered to serve as interim treasurer.  His position was confirmed by an email vote of the Board of Directors.  Dave is still updating financial records and as of this time $597.00 is still being verified.


Presidents Report:

Dave thanked all Tournament Directors for another great year of tournaments.  In spite of a very wet summer, no tournaments were cancelled, although a couple was shortened due to the inclement weather.

 Dave suggested that we consider developing a “recruiting reward” for the person who brings the most new pitchers into the EPHPA in a given year. He also suggested that we develop a method for improving individual members pitching skills.

Dave next thanked Ray Haskins for his tenacity in securing the Selinsgrove Center facility for indoor horseshoe pitching, and for all his work in preparing the courts for the first sanctioned tournament.  Ray had spent a total of $881.31 out of his pocket to prepare the facility for the first tournament.  Dave Fisher moved that Ray be reimbursed for his expenses.  Rick Hawk seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Dave reminded the board that Frank McAllen will be inducted into the Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Hall of Fame at next years State Singles Tournament and that we will need another Hall of Fame Committee Member next year.


Vice Presidents Reports:

Rick Hawk reported on another successful Club Challenge Match.  A fun time was had by all and the event ended in a 3 way tie for first place. Reedsville won the event on the final pitch.  The event has room for one more team and will be held in Selinsgrove again next year. 


Statistician’s Report:

Dick Scott reported that the Farm Show tournament will be held on Jan. 12th in 2012 and the farm show has provided $500.00 to help cover last year’s expense. They will also provide the same amount next year.  Wrist bands were a big success last year and will be awarded again this year.

Dick also reported on the “Cribs for Kids” event held in York this summer.  While the event experienced inclement weather, it is a great opportunity for the EPHPA to promote the sport of horseshoes.  


Dick next reported that the HS Master program, now being used by all TD’s in EPHPA, has many checks and balances that help eliminate errors in shoes pitched and ringers.  However, it does not catch 30’vs 40’ errors, or cards being issued while the previous card holder is still in the NHPA database.  Dick has suggested that those problems could be resolved if a single data base, managed by the Treasurer, be used when an EPHPA tournament is being set up.  Dick stated that with a common data base, the need for an EPHPA Statistician can be eliminated, with TD’s dealing directly with the NHPA.


President Holliday next reminded the board that the Points Championship issues brought up at the last general membership meeting were being looked at by a committee.  He is waiting to hear from the committee chair. 


Lee Estep next reported that she is no longer interested in doing both the website and the Points Championship responsibilities and asked that someone else take over the Points Championship.


The 2012 outdoor tournament schedule was next established with the first tournament to be April 28 at Fayetteville pending township approval.


The 2012 State Singles Tournament will be held at Huntingdon’s new 15 courts. 


The indoor sanctioned tournament schedule will be held at Selinsgrove Center the second Saturday of each month and will be hosted as follows:


December – Dave Holliday

January – Butch Young

February- Dick Scott

March- Denny Hall


The format of each winter tournament will be decided by the Tournament Director.


Dave Holliday next suggested that we need to establish responsibilities for the 3 Vice Presidents to help them better prepare for leading the EPHPA.  This will be discussed further at the general membership meeting in February.


Dave also reminded the board that we will need a 3rd Vice President to be elected in February.  Suggestions are to be sent to the Secretary.


Dave next discussed the Pro Tour.  The format is ringer only, 30 shoe games. Class A is 60% pitchers or greater. Class B is 30% to 59%.  There are separate 30’ and 40’ classes.  Since tournaments are sponsored, prize pools are substantially greater than traditional tournaments.  Dave reported that the York CVB, in association with the EPHPA is hosting a Pro Tour event in November of 2012.  It will be the last tournament of the Pro Tour and will be an event with at least $5,000.00 added to the prize pool by the York CVB.  Stay tuned!


Denny Hall next reported on the purchase of EPHPA pins for handouts and trade at WT’s.


Jim Wech moved to adjourn.  Darle Esh seconded the motion.  Motion carried.