Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association

General Membership Meeting



The annual membership meeting of the Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association was called to order by President Dave Holliday at 12 pm on Saturday, February 12th, at the Mt Wolf club house.  Secretary Dale Estep read the minutes of the Board of Director’s meeting held in November of 2010. Rick Hawk moved to accept the minutes as read, Dave Fisher 2nd the motion.  Motioned carried.


President Holliday then addressed the issue of a dues increase.  He explained that the EPHPA has been operating in the red the past several years, but has survived by using moneys earned at the World Tournament in 2008.  He spoke of the attention paid to this issue at the board meeting and that it was the recommendation of the board that the annual dues be increased from $20 to $25. Don Gabner moved that we increase the annual membership dues for adults from $20 to $25.  Chris Woods second the motion.  Motion Carried. 


Treasurer Mike Berish next reviewed the treasurer’s report.  Dave Fisher moved to accept the treasurer’s report as presented.  Walter Burtner seconded the motion.  Motion Carried.


Officer Reports:


Presidents Report:

 President Holliday recognized Regional Director Daryl Esh for being inducted into the Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Hall of Fame.  Dave also recognized Carlton Young for his ten years of service to the EPHPA as Secretary/Treasurer. A special thank you was extended to the Roxbury Horseshoe club for an excellent job in hosting the 2010 State Singles Tournament.  Dave provided an update on the proposed new courts at the Limerick Township Park, near Lancaster.  The courts are still in the budget but ground has not as yet been broken.


Vice President:

Ist VP Denny Hall reported that the Huntingdon Club is still planning to expand their facility to 13 courts, enough to host a State Tournament.  They have accumulated more than half of the required funds and donations are welcome.


Tournament Coordinator:

 Jim Wech reported that he is working with our plate vendor to arrange for plates to be mailed the week of a tournament, in order to avoid printing unnecessary plates for classes that will not be filled.





Web Master:

Lee Estep reported that the EPHPA Web Site has three new sections; “Pitchers Past” “Short Stories about Tournaments and events”, and “Learn to Pitch”.  Member’s inputs will make those sections successful  



Dale Estep reported on the successful “Club Championship Tournament” held in Selinsgrove last fall.  4 teams representing 5 clubs participated.  The event was well run, well planned, and a fun time was had by all.  The Selinsgrove club are the current champions, undefeated in there drive to the finish.  The event inspired a new approach for 2011.  The event will be opened to any team in Eastern Pennsylvania, and will not require EPHPA membership to participate.  The intent of expanding the format is to get non members involved and increase exposure to the EPHPA in a friendly environment.  Rick Hawk and Dale Estep will work out the details and establish a date and location for the 2011 event.



Dick Scott reported on the Pa. Farm Show horseshoe event. This year’s event was opened to all EPHPA members.  After a qualifying round, the top 4 30’, top 4 40’, and Junior competitors then competed in a 10 shoe “shootout” for the championship. Al{Peanuts) Long of the Dallas Club won the 30’ shootout and Dale Estep of the Dallas Club won the 40’ shootout.  Emily Hatrick won the juniors shootout

Dick is also continuing the award program for top pitchers he instituted last year.  Winning embroidered shirts this year; men’s 30’  - Daryl Esh,  ladies 30’ – Jane Schrantz, men’s 40’ – Mike Creek,  Juniors – Emily Hatrick.


New Business:

The 20011 tournament schedule was presented.

Lee moved that the Rules and Regulations be approved for 2011.  Rick Hawk seconded the motion.  Motion Carried.


Discussion then focused on the EPHPA Points Championship Program.  While the system has been in place for eleven years, in the past three years there has been a disproportionate number of A class pitchers placing in the top three positions.  After discussions it appeared that the disparity is caused by the fact that A classes are often only 4 or 5 pitchers, giving the A class an unfair advantage to win more points than the rest of the classes. (smaller A classes have been incorporated to avoid handicapping A Class).  Steve Beckwith moved that the point’s championship incorporate a scaled points system that will address the disparity in class sizes.  Tom Reuther seconded the motion.  After further discussion Dale Estep moved to table the motion until next years meeting. Tom Reuther Seconded the motion.  Motion Carried. Dave Holliday then assigned a committee consisting of Steve Beckwith as Chair, and Joan Douglas, Chris Woods and Allen Gipe to work on the issue and present a solution at next years meeting. 


President Holliday next reported on the status of the indoor pitching facility in Selinsgrove.  Unfortunately, elections changed the power structure in Harrisburg and all contracts have been held up for review.  Dave thanked Ray Haskins for his tenacity on this issue and Ray has solicited the support of his local representative to move this issue forward.  If we are successful in getting use of the facility, the NHPA insurance will cover all sanctioned league and tournaments events.  Other users will have to procure appropriate liability coverage to use the facility. 


Ray McConnel indicated that the Roxbury club is interested in bidding for the 2012 State Singles Tournament.  


President Holliday reminded the members that York is bidding on the 2013 World Tournament.  Dave indicated he plans on attending this year World Tournament in Monroe, La.


President Holliday next asked for volunteers to serve on the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee.  There are two positions available to be filled.  


The next meeting will be the second Saturday in February, 2012. 


Don Gabner moved to adjourn.  Mike Fenton Seconded the motion.  Motion Carried. 


Respectively submitted,

Dale Estep