EPHPA Directors Meeting

November 14, 2010


The Board of Director’s of the EPHPA held their annual meeting at the Ranch House restaurant on November 14th, 2010, starting at 9:30am.


The minutes of the 2009 annual membership meeting were reviewed by Dale Estep, Secretary.


Butch Young next reviewed the treasurer’s report.  He also reported that the EPHPA has been operating negatively for the past several years.  Annual income is approximately $1,000.00, with annual expenses of approximately $1,400.00.  Previous year shortfalls were covered by money earned from the 2008 World Tournament and placed in the general account, but that money has been depleted.


  We next discussed the possible use of the additional monies earned during the 2008 WT to address our ongoing budget shortfalls. Group consensus was to keep those monies in a CD for future use and address the current shortfalls separately. Denny Hall moved that we increase adult membership dues to $25.00.  Rick Hawk seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  (Effective immediately, but pending approval at the annual membership meeting)


Currently, wooden plaques are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places when the EPHPA hosts the State Singles and Doubles Tournaments.  Plaque costs have risen dramatically.  Dave Holliday moved that the EPHPA only award plaques for 1st place at future state tournaments.  Butch Young seconded.   Motion Carried.



Officer Reports:


Tournament Coordinator, Jim Wech reported that he will work with our plaque plate provider to arrange for plates to be sent to TDs the week of each tournament, based on actual number of classes, in order to eliminate paying for plates for classes in excess of tournament attendance.


Regional Director, Darle Esh is recovering from major surgery and was unable to attend.  The Board wishes him a speedy recovery and also extends congratulations for Darle being inducted into the Pa. Horseshoe Pitchers Hall of Fame.


Web Master, Lee Estep reported that the web page has been expanded to include three new sections. “Learn to Pitch Horseshoes”, “Pitchers Past”, and “Shared Stories” are now available, as well as updated photo albums.  Usage continues to increase, with nearly 5,000 hits in August, and approximately 250 hits the first week of November.


President, Dave Holliday next reported on the 2010 State Singles Tournament.  There were 118 entrants.  Unfortunately, there were no junior entrants.  Dave congratulated Allen Gipe, Ray McConnell and the Roxbury Horseshoe Club for hosting and running an excellent State Tournament. Dave also reported that he is actively pursuing an indoor pitching facility in the Selinsgrove area.  Thanks to Ray Haskin’s tenacity, we have an opportunity to pitch indoors this winter, rent free. Dave has reviewed the contract and is awaiting final approval from Harrisburg.  Dave also reported that all sanctioned events in the new facility will be insured via the NHPA.  Local pitchers using the facility in non- sanctioned events will need to acquire liability insurance.

Dave also updated the board on new pitching facilities to be built in Limerick Township.  Ground has not been broken but the facility is still in the budget for 2011.   


Secretary, Dale Estep reported on the first Club Challenge event held at Selinsgrove in October.  He indicated that the event was well planned and attended by 5 EPHPA clubs.  Selinsgrove won the event and a fun time was had by all. Dale also reported that the format allowed for non-EPHPA members to participate and that six non-members did compete.  As a result of the event one new EPHPA member was solicited and contact was made with a club in Hughesville that is not currently part of the NHPA.  


Statistician, Dick Scott reported that the three doubles tournaments held this year were a success and the results were extremely close. A suggestion has been made to include one doubles event this year as a Saturday event, as opposed to being held on Sunday (perhaps the Joe Rhinehart Memorial event)


Dick also reported on the Farm Show Event of last January.  The event was originally intended to showcase the best Pa. pitchers.  However, the time it takes to run the event in traditional tournament format is not in sync with the fluid nature of the spectators moving thru the arena. In 2011 the format will change significantly.  Each contestant will throw 10 shoes with a count all format, recording each contestant’s results.  This will allow many more pitchers to participate.  We will also continue to encourage spectators to participate in the pitching experience.  The Farm Show will provide $500.00 to help pay for recognition bracelets for all who participate from the audience.  


New Business:


Dale Estep moved that the “Club Championship” be made a “Team Championship” in 2011 and opened to all horseshoe pitchers in Eastern Pennsylvania.  Rick Hawk seconded the motion.  Motion Carried. Rick and Dale will work out the specifics, including a date and location.


President Holliday extended a special thank you to Butch Young for his many years of service to the EPHPA as Secretary/Treasurer. The Treasurer’s position has been successfully transitioned over to Mike Berish.


President Holliday also reported that we will need 2 or 3 new Hall of Fame Committee members.  Anyone interested should contact a current Hall of Fame Committee member.


Matt Berrier reported that he is passing Carlisle TD responsibilities to Dawn Clark.  The group thanked Matt for his years of service as TD.


The group next established the 2011 pitching schedule, to be approved at the General Membership meeting. 


The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be Feb.12, 2011.  Dave Holliday moved to adjourn, Rick Hawk seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Dale Estep, Secretary