Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association:

2008 Membership Meeting
February 9, 2008


The annual meeting of the Eastern PA HPA membership met in Mt. Wolf on Saturday, February 9th beginning at 12:00.  Approximately 40 members were in attendance.  The minutes of the directors’ meeting were read by Butch Young and approved as read.  Butch Young next provided the annual financial statement for everyone’s review.  Bob Sheriff made a motion seconded by Jim Eldred to accept the finance report.  All approved.


Next, Mark Clippinger read a letter from Mike Creek announcing his resignation from the position of 1st Vice President.  A motion was made by Butch Young to accept the letter with regret.  All voted yes.


World Tournament Info.

Dale Estep next provided the membership with a World Tournament update.  He announced that NHPA is building new portable courts that will be ready for the York event.  He announced volunteers will be needed to accept responsibility for numerous tasks: youth banquet (two chaperones needed) Helpers will be needed for stenciling the new mats, moving clay, hanging banners, etc.  The purchase of buckets, shovels, brooms, etc. will need to be organized.  Cement mixers to prepare the clay and ATV’s such as Mules would be great if available.


Dale announced that the courts will be set up in three locations, and Team leaders are needed for each.  Dave Holliday and Bill Combs have volunteered with one more leader needed.  He informed the membership that maintenance teams need to be organized to “stand-by” for emergency situations that may arise.  He also said there was a need for people to volunteer to “man” the PA information booth.


Tom Decker reported that there is currently $4,101.50 in the WT account with another $700 to be deposited.


The NHPA Board was also meeting on Feb. 9th at which time it is expected they will make the purchase of the new portable courts official.


Forty-fifty tons of clay will be needed for the tournament.  A price was submitted for Maryland clay at a cost of $800 for 42 T (delivered).  A price for local clay was submitted at a cost of $475 for 8 T (delivered).


Mark Clippinger asked to have clarified the need for WT funds.  It was explained that besides miscellaneous expenses the funds will also be used to provide meals for all the volunteer staff.  Questions were also asked with regards to the camping at the Expo Center.  People were referred to 2008wt.com for specifics.  Workers camping at the Expo Center during the week of set-up will not be charged.


It was also announced that storage will be needed for unclaimed clay as well as the old portable courts used previous years.


Dave Holliday encouraged all pitchers to support this year’s WT as it is the first time in 32 years that Pennsylvania was the host state.  He also commended Dale and Lee for all their hard work organizing the event.


Lee Estep introduced Lynn Combs to the membership.  She informed the group that Lynn would be the contact person if anyone is interested in purchasing advertisements for the WT.  Lynn can be reached at 610-932-4523 or william905@zoominternet.net.  A commission will be received for each sale of an ad for the Tournament Guide. 


Members were encouraged to stay abreast of WT plans by frequently visiting the “What’s New” part of the webpage.


It was also announced that items such as a used refrigerator, sofa, coolers, coffee makers, etc. or anything else that can make the lounge area for the volunteers relaxing and comfortable.  Volunteers will be needed to arrange pot luck lunches during the tournament.


Discussion about PA’s world tournament pins followed.  Lee moved seconded by Jim Eldred to buy an initial order of 500 pins.  More can be ordered if thought necessary.  A variety of donated items is being raffled off.  Members should check 2008wt.com for complete information.


A contract for the WT shirts will be signed soon.  Opportunities for pre-orders will be made available.


Jim Wech discussed the Pennsylvania “team” shirts.  He informed the group that they will be sold for approximately $40.00.  They will be a polo-style shirt with the state logo, name, and US flag on the sleeve.  Dave Holliday made the motion for Jim to pursue these shirts…seconded by Butch Young.


Appointment of New Tournament Coordinator

It was opened to the floor for nominations to fill the position of tournament coordinator.  Jim Eldred nominated Jim Wech seconded by Bob Sheriff.  No other nominations were made.  Jim Wech was given the position.


Farm Show Event:

Dick Scott announced that he once again received nothing but positive feedback following the horseshoe pitching demonstrations at the Farm Show.  He expressed special appreciation to the many helpers making the event another success.  He concluded by telling the membership that questions of interest from the spectators were an indication of the public’s interest in the sport.



Mark Clippinger shared an email he received from Bob Matthews of WPHPA that thanked everyone who helped with the 2007 State Singles Tournament.  He also expressed his gratitude to everyone who made his tenure as president of Eastern PA HPA a pleasant experience.


Old Business:  None


New Business:

Election of Officers:

It was announced that with the resignation from Mike Creek, for the years 2008-2009 and 2009-2010, Dale Estep will move to president, Dave Holliday to 1st vice-president.  Denny Hall was nominated by Bob Sheriff and seconded by Lee Estep to be our second vice-president.  All voted yes.  No one accepted the third vice-president’s position.  It will hopefully be filled at a later date.


2008 State Singles Tournament:

The possibility of holding the 2008 state singles tournament indoors at the York Expo Center was discussed.  It was thought that it may be possible to use the portable courts for the WT.  A motion was made by Jim Eldred and seconded by Walter Burtner to appoint Denny Hall as tournament director.  All voted yes.


Eastern PA Rules and Regulations:

The membership was asked to review the nine rules and regulations of Eastern PA.  After some discussion about the handicapping, it was the consensus of the membership to continue the rules as they are written.  Several tournament directors have indicated that they will reduce the size of A class and play double rounds to avoid the need of handicapping their class.


Butch Young suggested that it may be beneficial to list the cell phone numbers of tournament directors on the schedules.  These numbers would allow pitchers to contact the TDs incase of emergencies or inclement weather.


Lee Estep suggested that we consider awarding patches to those who place in the Eastern PA points standing.  No action was taken.  It may be considered at the next directors’ meeting.


World Tournament Delegates:

Jim Eldred and Dave Holliday volunteered for the positions.


Jr. Pitching Fees:

Ted VanPelt informed the membership that PA is unlike most surrounding states when it charges junior pitchers the full entry fee for tournaments.  He made a motion seconded by Jim Wech that the tournament entry fee for juniors be lowered to $5.00 and that the juniors would receive just the patch if they placed first, and no prize money for placing second or third.  Prize money from their placement would move down one position.  (If a junior places 2nd, this prize money would be given to the pitcher who finished third, and the third place money would be awarded to the pitcher who finished fourth.)  This motion passed.


State Tournament Fee:

A motion was made by Jim Eldred and seconded by Darle Esh to set the 2008 state tournament fee at $25.00 for adults and $5.00 for juniors.


Darle Esh moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Roger Greer.



                                                Minutes taken by JoAn Douglas,

transcribed by Lee Estep,

Reviewed and compiled by:     

Butch Young






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