Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association:

Directors' Meeting: 2008 Season

November 11, 2007

The annual directors’ meeting of the Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers’ Association was held on Sunday, November 11, 2007 at the home of the Rhectors.  Attending the meeting were: Darle Esh, Lee Estep, Denny and Dorothy Hall, Dale Estep, Tom Baker, Bob Sheriff, Jim Eldred, Jim Wech, Jack Swyers, Dick Scott, Matt Berrier, Dave Holliday, Ray McConnell, Allan Gipe, JoAn Douglas, Walter Burtner, Mark Clippinger, Den Battrim, and Butch Young.

The meeting was called to order by Pres. Mark Clippinger.  The minutes of the 2007 membership meeting were provided by Butch Young.  It was brought to the board’s attention that Item # 7 of the Rules and Regulations should state that current points standings should be posted at each tournament by the tournament director.  A motion was made by Dale Estep and seconded by Jim Wech to make the change in Item # 7.  All voted in favor.  The 2007 financial report was provided by Butch Young for review.  Dale Estep made a motion seconded by Walter Burtner to accept the treasurer’s report as submitted.

President’s Report:
Mark Clippinger reported that he had received word that Mike Creek would like to resign from his position as 1st Vice Pres.  Darle Esh made a motion seconded by Bob Sheriff that both the 2nd and 3rd vice presidents should move up one position.  The 3rd vice president’s position will then be filled at the membership meeting in February.

Webmaster’s Report:
Lee Estep called to everyone’s attention that two new pages have been added to the Eastern PA website.  She encouraged everyone to check out the additions.

World Delegate Report:
Walter Burtner reported that numerous motions came before the delegates but none received a 2/3 majority of support to be enacted.

Dave Holliday reminded everyone that any suggestions for rules changes must be submitted by December 31 prior to the world tournament in order to be placed on the delegates’ agenda.

Directors’ Reports:
Dick Scott reported a positive and excited attitude about the upcoming World Tournament coming to York this July.  Others shared similar excitement from pitchers in nearby states.  Dale Estep happily reported that a large majority of eastern PA pitchers have already qualified for the world tournament.

It was reported that any junior pitcher that is now required to move back to the full distance foul line need only pitch in one sanctioned tournament at the forty-foot distance in order t qualify for the world tournament.  Lee Estep agreed to research if this same qualification applies for seniors who are just now moving from full distance to less than forty.

Jim Wech commended Dale and Lee for their great work on the World Tournament website.

Mark Clippinger reported the Senior Games were very successful and thanked everyone involved in this effort.  He also reported receiving an email from Bob Mathys showing appreciation for all the help from eastern PA given at the state tournament.

Old Business: no items

New Business:

State Farm Show:  Dick Scott reported once again that the State Farm Show exhibition will take place again in 2008.  He was considering different format options for this Jan. 9th event.  He is looking forward to the same help he received as last year reminding us that we are all ambassadors of the sport.

Memberships:  Butch Young reported that several pitchers from western PA have requested membership transfers to eastern PA.  After contacting NHPA Sec/Treas. Dick Hansen, Butch was informed that we cannot issue memberships to individuals who do not live within the established geographic boundaries of our charter.  Jim Wech made a motion seconded by Darle Esh that Lee post the map indicating the established geographic boundaries separating east from west.

New Courts:  Ken Battrim was introduced to the group.  He provided a description of the new courts just built at East Snyder Park near Selinsgrove.  A motion was made by Jim Eldred and seconded by Jim Wech to include ESP in our 2008 schedule with Ray Haskins as tournament director.  All voted yes.

New Idea:  With the additions of new clubs to Eastern PA’s tournament schedule there may someday be a shortage of weekends.  Walter Burtner suggested that it might be time to explore the idea of having two one-day tournaments on the same weekend; having one tournament on Saturday and the other on Sunday.  No action was taken.

State Singles Championship Class  In the pursuit of fairness, Darle Esh suggested that the state singles tournament should consider a new format for A class.  The sixteen pitchers with the highest ringer percentages should compete to qualify for the championship class.  The top eight pitchers from this qualification would compete in the championship class on another day.  The eight who do not qualify for the championship class would then be able to compete in their own tournament class.  This format would bring fairness to the lower seeded pitchers whose pitching percentages are considerably less than the higher seeds.  Lee made a motion seconded by Dale to approve this format.  All voted yes.

Rules and Regulations:  The following rules and regulations for Eastern PA were reviewed and recommended for adoption at our membership meeting.

1.  A $15.00 fee will be required for all Eastern PA tournaments in 2008.  The state tournaments may be different.  $2.00 from each entry fee at all tournaments (except a state tournament) are to be given to the sec/treas for use in future PA state tournaments.

2.  The NHPA card will cost:  Adults $15.00 (NHPA dues & ins. $12.00 + Eastern PA dues $3.00 = $15.00)  Juniors  $8.00 (NHPA dues & ins. $5.00 + Eastern PA dues $3.00 = $8.00)

3.  The NHPA dress code will be strictly enforced. (One warning only will be given.)

4.  All tournament directors will have at their discretion the option of whether or not to have separate 30ft. and separate 40ft. classes.  Classes with a ringer percentage spread of 15pts. or more may be handicapped at 90%.  Handicapped classes will be 50 shoe limit games.  Some classes in tournaments could be mixed. (Men and Women)

5.  Allow pitchers 70 yrs. old and over to pitch “less than 40ft”.   Approval to pitch less than 40 ft. must be announced to the class before the class starts to pitch.

6.  Use NatStats three highest tournament percentages.  Percentages are determined from the last 12 months or the last 10 tournaments.  Percentages will be taken from the internet prior to each tournament.  The total ringers will be divided by the total number of shoes pitched for those three tournaments.

7.  The Eastern PA Points Championship will award points for each position finished in every class at all Eastern PA completed tournaments. (except the Eastern PA doubles and state tournaments)  Weekly standings will be posted at each tournament by the tournament director.

            1st place………………………$100.00 + plate

            2nd place……………………… $75.00 + plate

            3rd place……………………….$50.00 + plate

8.  All pitchers must pay $1.00 per game to scorekeepers in all Eastern PA sanctioned tournaments.

9.  Pitchers are not allowed to practice at a tournament until the time is announced by the tournament director.  Directors will allow a minimum of twenty minutes for “warm-ups” prior to the start of each class.

World Tournament Report:
Dale provided a summary of World Tournament plans.  He reminded the group that the dates are July 7-19.  He reported that approximately $3,500 is in the WT account.  The NHPA officials who toured the York Convention Center were more than pleased with the facilities.  He also reported that rubber mats have been purchased by NHPA, and they are also requesting that we build ten additional portable courts.  Suggestions were made that shirts be made and sold to all PA pitchers giving our state pitchers a recognizable identity during the WT.  Jim Wech made a motion seconded by Jim Eldred that we pursue a contract from a vendor in Oklahoma to make the official WT shirts.  All voted yes.

National Hall of Fall Dedication:
Walter Burtner reported on his attendance at the hall of fame dedication.  He was impressed with the facility and he reported seeing the brick that was purchased by our association.  He also made available a program of the dedication ceremony.

2008 Schedule of Tournaments:
The tentative 2008 tournament schedule was set up.  The schedule will be adopted at the membership meeting.

Annual Membership Meeting:
February 9th has been set for our annual membership meeting to be held at Mt. Wolf.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45.

                                Carlton Young

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