Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association:

2007 Membership Meeting

February 10, 2007

The members of the Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers’ Association held their annual meeting on Saturday, February 10, 2007 at Mt. Wolf beginning at 12:00 noon. Approximately 39 members were in attendance.

Pres. Mark Clippinger called the meeting to order and asked for the reading of the minutes from the directors’ meeting.The minutes of the Nov. 12th meeting were read by Butch Young. A motion was made by Jim Eldred and seconded by Walter Burtner to approve the minutes as read. Butch next read the 2006 financial statement. Ralph Weigel made a motion seconded by Bob Sheriff to accept the treasurer’s report as read.

1> Mark called on the officers for their reports.

    -- First Vice-Pres. Mike Creek had no report.

    -- Second Vice-Pres. Dale Estep expressed his thanks for the effort made to increase support for the northern tournaments.

    -- Third Vice-Pres. Dave Holliday distributed a report to the membership highlighting rules changes enacted at the World Tournament meeting. Dave and Jim Eldred attended as delegates representing Eastern PA.

    -- Tournament Coordinator Steve Strausbaugh was unable to attend the meeting.

    -- Regional Director Darle Esh had no report.

    -- State Singles Tournament Director Bob Sheriff briefly reported that the 2006 State Singles Tournament went very well thanks in large part to the valuable help from many members.

2> Correspondences

Mark next read a letter of correspondence from Tom Decker announcing Tom’s resignation as Assistant Secretary Treasurer. The resignation was accepted with regret at the directors’ meeting.

3> Old Business

Request for past records: Bob Sheriff informed the membership that Ron Weiss is asking for past records of tournament winners. Anyone having information should get it to Bob or Ron Weiss in western PA.

PA State Farm Show:

    -- Dick Scott reported the January 10th horseshoe pitching exhibition at the PA State Farm Show in Harrisburg was a huge success. He told the membership that this year he set it up as an invitational event.

    -- Nine portable courts were set up and taken down in a timely manner thanks in large part to the help from members. Special thanks were given to Jim Wech for the use of Mackeyville’s portable courts.

    -- The Farm Show coordinators were impressed enough to make every effort to have horseshoe pitching become a regular part of the Show.

    -- Dick hopes to have more information about future events following a meeting in May with Farm Show organizers.

    -- Denny Hall made a motion seconded by authorizing Dick to make any decisions necessary to prepare for next year’s event. Motion was approved.

4> New Business

    -- Herm Specht questioned why Pennsylvania’s state tournament results have not been included in any Newsline publication. After some discussion it was determined that this task is not specifically assigned to anyone. Darle volunteered to see if he can correct the problem.

    -- Darle Esh reported receiving forms from NHPA that need to be filled out by each tournament director. After completion of the forms, Darle is to inspect each set of courts to re-sanction them.

    -- Next item discussed was the annual donation to the NHPF. Last year eastern PA donated $50.00. This year it was thought that a commemorative brick could be purchasedn lieu of the cash donation.Bricks can be purchased for $100.00 or $200.00. Dale Estep made a motion seconded by Walter Burtner that we purchase a $100.00 brick. The inscription should read “Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers’ Association”

    -- Darle Esh again appealed to members for any deserving nominations from the east for the Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers’ Hall of Fame. Anyone with names to submit should contact Darle as quickly as possible.

    -- The availability of current points standings during the year was discussed. John Rheam made a motion seconded by Sherwood Frankhouser authorizing Lee to calculate and post current standings on the EPHPA web page.All voted yes.

5> Adoption of Rules and Regulations

    -- Mark next went over the nine rules and regulations for Eastern Pennsylvania tournaments

    -- No questions or recommended changes were given for items one and two.Several questions arose concerning rule number three about the dress code for tournaments. Because of its vagueness, it was agreed that the wording should be “The NHPA dress code will be strictly enforced.(One warning only will be given.)”

    -- Rule number four was also questioned. It was thought that 15pts.is too great a point spread to begin handicapping classes. Walter Burtner made a motion that the point spread should be lowered to 10 points. The motion died for lack of a second.

    -- Items 5-9 were adopted as read.


The following rules and regulations were voted on and adopted by the membership present at the February 2007 meeting at Mt. Wolf:

   1) A $15.00 fee will be required for all Eastern PA tournaments in 2007. The state tournaments may be different. $2.00 from each entry fee at all tournaments (except a state tournament) are to be given to the sec/treas for use in future PA state tournaments.

   2) The NHPA card will cost: Adults $15.00 (NHPA dues & ins. $12.00 + Eastern PA dues $3.00 = $15.00) Juniors $8.00 (NHPA dues & ins. $5.00 +Eastern PA dues $3.00 = $8.00)

   3) The NHPA dress code will be strictly enforced. (One warning only will be given.)

   4) All tournament directors will have at their discretion the option of whether or not to have separate 30ft. and separate 40ft. classes. Classes with a ringer percentage spread of 15pts. or more may be handicapped at 90%. Handicapped classes will be 50 shoe limit games. Some classes in tournaments could be mixed. (Men and Women)

   5) Allow pitchers 70 yrs. old and over to pitch “less than 40ft”. Approval to pitch less than 40 ft. must be announced to the class before the class starts to pitch.

   6) Use NatStats three highest tournament percentages. Percentages are determined from the last 12 months or the last 10 tournaments. Percentages will be taken from the internet prior to each tournament. The total ringers will be divided by the total number of shoes pitched for those three tournaments.

   7) The Eastern PA Points Championship will award points for each position finished in every class at all Eastern PA completed tournaments (except the Eastern PA doubles and state tournaments). If a pitcher competes in more than one class, only the rank of the class for which he/she was originally registered will be included. Weekly standings should be posted at each tournament;

1st place……………………… $100.00 + plate

2nd place……………………… $75.00 + plate

3rd place……………………… $50.00 + plate

   8) All pitchers must pay $1.00 per game to scorekeepers in all Eastern PA sanctioned tournaments.

   9) Pitchers are not allowed to practice at a tournament until the time is announced by the tournament director. Directors will allow a minimum of twenty minutes for “warm-ups” prior to the start of each class.

6> Election of Officers

    -- Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Mark opened the floor for nominations for the position of Assistant Secretary/Treasurer. Darle Esh nominated Lee Estep. Lee stated that it makes for a stronger organization when different people are involved in offices. Stating her work on the web site and Dale’s position as second vice-president it would be best for her to decline. Darle next nominated Joan Douglas. Joan accepted the nomination. Jim Eldred moved to close the nominations seconded by Jim Wech. Joan was elected unanimously.

    -- Appointment of delegates to the 2007 World Tournament in Ardmore.
Harold Clippinger and Walter Burtner will represent Eastern PA.

    -- Webmaster
Dick Scott made a motion seconded by Jim Eldred to officially name Lee Estep as Webmaster for EPHPA. The Webmaster will be a new officer position on the Board of Directors and will be an appointed position. All voted yes. The Webmaster will verify all information with two directors before posting

7> 2007 Schedule

Dick Scott presented a working copy of the tentative schedule developed at the November directors’ meeting. The dates and sites were all reviewed with some modifications made. Jim Eldred made a motion seconded by Mike Creek to adopt the 2007 schedule as presented. Motion carried. Dick reminded pitchers to please make checks payable to the tournament director when registering for a tournament.

8> 2008 World Tournament

    -- Dale Estep provided the membership with a brief overview of his trip to Ardmore, Oklahoma with representatives from the York Convention and Visitors Bureau. He was pleased to announce that York has been awarded the 2008 World Tournament. He presented a “to do list” for people to think about. Among the items is the need for volunteers to serve on a World Tournament Committee. Dale volunteered to serve as the world tournament coordinator. Jim Wech made a motion seconded by Harold Clippinger to appoint Dale as the coordinator. All voted yes.

    -- Lee made a motion, seconded by Dick Scott, for permission to design a webpage in conjunction with Western Pennsylvania’s Webmaster for the specific purpose of having a central online information source for the 2008 World Tournament. All voted yes.

    -- Jim Wech volunteered to coordinate the souvenirs for the World Tournament. He asked members to think about ideas for a logo and forward them to him as soon as possible.

9> Keystone Games

Dale also announced that the PA Keystone Games are going to be held in York this summer. Approximately 8000 young people participate. The Keystone Games are interested in having a horseshoe tournament as an exhibition at the games. They will take place on July 24-29. Bob Sheriff made a motion seconded by Dave Holliday to pursue our participation at the games. The motion carried. Volunteers will be needed to work with organizer, Owen Costello.

A motion was made by Darle Esh and seconded by Dick Scott to adjourn the meeting at 2:45.

         Carlton Young,

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