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Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers’ Association

Annual Directors’ Meeting

Sunday, November 12, 2006


The meeting was held at the home the Rhector’s.  Attending the meeting were: Dick Scott, Denny Hall, Jim Wech, David Holliday, Darle Esh, Jack Swyers, Mike Creek, Ray McConnell, Matt Berrier, Bob Sheriff, Allan Gipe, Tom Baker, Leroy Bumgardner, Mark Clippinger, and Carlton Young   The meeting began with a delicious dinner provided by Mark Clippinger and his daughter and son-in-law. 


The business meeting was called to order by Mark at 1:20.  Butch Young read the minutes from the 2006 membership meeting.  The minutes were approved as read.  Next, Butch provided the annual financial report for 2006.  It was accepted as read.


Officer reports:


  • 1st Vice President:  Mike Creek had no report.  


  • 2nd Vice President:  Dale Estep;  Dale provided statistics as a follow-up from his presentation a year ago.  They showed a healthy increase in attendance at tournaments lightly attended in years past.  He thanked everyone responsible for the increase in support at tournaments particularly at Mackeyville and Dallas.  He also expressed hope than sometime in the future tournaments will once again be held at Camp Hill and Fayetteville.


  • 3rd Vice President:  Dave Holliday had no report.


  • Tournament Coordinator: Steve Strausbaugh was absent.


Tournament Directors:


  • Bob Sheriff:  Bob reported the state singles tournament went well considering the one day wash-out.  He advised that perhaps in the future the procedure for rain-outs should be announced in advance.


  • Dick Scott:  No report


  • Denny Hall:  Announced that a well has been drilled for use at the Stone Creek Lions Courts.


  • Tom Baker:  No report


  • Jim Wech:  Reported a better turn-out at his tournament.  He also announced that some hats and shirts from the state singles tournament are still available.  Dave Nolt contacted Jim to inquire about the possibility of having a horseshoe tournament at the State Farm Show in Harrisburg this January.  More contacts and plans will need to be made.


  • Allan Gipe:  no report


  • Jack Swyers:  Jack reported that Reedsville successfully continued its Friday evening pitching.  Attendance usually allowed for two eight-man classes.




Mark shared a letter from Tom Decker announcing his resignation as the Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.  Bob Sheriff made a motion seconded by Dale Estep to accept his resignation with regret.  It was approved unanimously.  The position will be filled at the membership meeting in February.


Old Business:  None to discuss


New Business: 


  • State Farm Show: Considerable discussion took place about the request to organize a horseshoe tournament on Wednesday during the State Farm Show.  It was suggested that this year’s tournament should be open to current membership.  Dick Scott would consider organizing the tournament and Dale Estep agreed to help as much as possible.  The agreed upon format would require no entry fee with prizes provided by the Farm Show.


  • York County Visitors Bureau: Ann Ruck representing the York County Visitors Bureau made a presentation to the directors about York County’s ambition to “land” the 2008 World Tournament.  She provided some information about the facilities available at the York Expo Center.  She announced that representatives would go to Ardmore OK in January to make their “pitch”.


  • Requirement for World Tournaments: Tom Baker raised the question about when the required four tournaments for a world tournament must be pitched.  According to the consensus, they must be achieved one year prior to the cut off date for the world tournament registration.


  • Authorization to represent EPHPA for WT Bid: Dale requested authorization from the board to represent Eastern PA HPA in the pursuit of the world tournament in partnership with the York County Visitors Bureau.  Jim Wech made a motion seconded by Bob Sheriff in favor of the request.  All voted yes.


  • Reduced junior entry fees: Denny Hall raised a few concerns.  He suggested a reduced entry fee for juniors might encourage greater numbers to participate. 


  • Dress Code:  Denny Hall also questioned the wording of the dress code.  He feels it is too vague.  No action was taken.


  • New tournament director: Bob Sheriff nominated Matt Berrier to be the new tournament director at Carlisle.  The motion was seconded by Dale Estep; all voted yes.


  • Tournament schedule for 2007: The final item of business was making the tentative schedule for 2007.  It will be presented and adopted at the membership meeting in Mt. Wolf on February 3rd.


The meeting adjourned at 3:45.


Carlton Young





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