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Eastern Pennsylvania

Horseshoe Pitchers Association

Annual Membership Meeting

February 4, 2006


     The Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association held their annual membership meeting on Saturday, February 4, 2006, at Mt. Wolf beginning at 12:00   There were forty members present.

     Pres. Jim Eldred called the meeting to order.  The minutes of the directors’ meeting were read by Sec. Butch Young.  A motion was made by Dale Estep and seconded by Mike Creek to accept the secretary’s report.  They were approved as read with no corrections.

     Jim reported that he had been in contact with Bonnie Seabold to get clarification on how to handle situations where a pitcher withdraws in the middle of a tournament.  He was told that all completed games of the person who withdraws do count as pitched both in the tournament standings and for NATSTATS.

     The treasurer’s report was next given by Butch Young.  Butch provided the 2005 annual financial report.  Jim Wech made a motion seconded by Dave Holliday to accept the treasurer’s report as given.  All voted yes.

     Jim next called upon the officers for their reports.


President:  Jim thanked the membership for all their help and support during his two year term as president.


1st Vice President: Mark Clippinger thanked everyone for a good 2005 season and looks forward to everyone’s help during his term as president.


2nd Vice President:  Mike Creek looks forward to another good year for Eastern PA pitchers in 2006.


3rd Vice President:  Dale Estep presented statistics to the membership highlighting the lack of participation by the membership at some tournaments, particularly Mackeyville and Dallas.  He provided evidence showing how the lack of pitchers creates situations where classes are put together with wide ranges in pitching percentages.  He concluded by asking those in attendance to study the statistics and do what they can to help support the tournaments in the northern parts of the state.

Tournament Coordinator:  Steve Strausbaugh had no report at this time.


          The next item of business was the election of a third vice president.  Jim Eldred opened the floor for nominations.  Dale Estep nominated Dave Holliday seconded by Steve Strausbaugh.  There were no other nominations.  Dave was unanimously elected.

          Jim announced to the membership that the 2006 State Singles Tournament will be held at Carlisle on September 1, 2, and 3.  The State Doubles Tournament will be held in Carnegie PA.  He announced the World Tournament schedule: 2006 Gillette WY; 2007 Ardmore OK; and 2008 Decatur AL.

          Dick Scott next presented the working copy of the 2006 tournament schedule.  He requested that members do not copy the schedule because there would likely be some additions and corrections.  He will make copies of the final draft available when it is complete.  It will also be posted on the Eastern PA website.

          Jim Eldred announced that he plans to attend the World Tournament in Wyoming this summer.  He will also represent Eastern PA at the meeting.  Dave Holliday also informed the membership that he plans to attend and would be more than happy to serve as a delegate as well.

          The next item discussed was whether or not to resume our donation to the NHPF (Hall of Fame).  Final approval has been given to relocate the Hall of Fame to Quail Ridge Park in St. Charles County, Missouri.  After some discussion, a suggestion was made by Tom Decker that our traditional donation of $150 might be too high.  It was agreed that $50.00 should be sent.  All were in agreement.

          Jim Wech, Dale Estep, and Jim Eldred provided some of their research into prices for the State Singles plaques.  After some comparison in prices it was thought that we should get the plaques from Watson Trophies near Mackeyville.  Due to the cost of the plaques, it was suggested that we think of some ways to raise additional money to offset the expense.  It was suggested that a donation can might be placed at the tournaments.  A suggestion was also made that a second 50-50 drawing at each tournament be designated to support the state tournament expenses.  Tournament directors in attendance thought this was a good idea.

          The next item up for consideration was the possibility of having separate classes for 30ft. pitchers at our Eastern PA tournaments.  It was pointed out that a substantial increase in the number of thirty foot pitchers might now make this worth considering.  Several members stated that numerous pitchers have expressed reservations about attending tournaments if something is not done.  A rather lengthy discussion followed with members expressing support of the idea and some expressing concerns as well. 

          Darle Esh made a motion that we handicap at 90% all mixed classes that have a percentage spread of 15 points or more.  Chris Woods seconded the motion.  Discussion on the motion then followed.

          After the discussion, an amendment to the motion was made.  Dick Scott moved to amend the motion to read, “In all classes where there is a ringer percentage range of 15 points or more, the tournament director may handicap at 90%.  These handicapped classes will have a 50 shoe limit.  Tournament directors will also have at their discretion the option to have separate 30ft. and separate 40ft. classes.”  It passed by a majority vote.

          Darle Esh announced that if anyone has a name to submit for consideration for the PA Hall of Fame to please get it to him as soon as possible.

          The next item of business was the review of the rules and regulations for Eastern PA tournaments.  Butch Young read each item for review.  Tom Decker suggested that item #4 be replaced with the new procedure just approved regarding handicapping and separate 30ft and 40ft classes.  The new rules and regulations for Eastern PA are as follows:


1.  A $15.00 fee will be required for all Eastern PA tournaments in 2006.  The state tournaments may be different.  $2.00 from each entry fee at all tournaments (except a state tournament) are to be given to the sec./treas. for use in future PA state tournaments.


2.  The NHPA card will cost: Adults $15.00 (NHPA dues $12.00 + $3.00 Eastern PA dues = $15.00) Juniors $8.00 (NHPA dues $5.00 + $3.00 Eastern PA dues = $8.00)


3.  The dress code will be strictly enforced. (One warning only will be given.)


4.  All tournament directors will have at their discretion the option of whether or not to have separate 30ft. and separate 40ft. classes.  Classes with a ringer percentage spread of 15pts. or more may be handicapped at 90%.  Handicapped classes will be 50 shoe limit games.


5.  Allow pitchers 70 yrs. old and over to pitch “less than 40ft.”  Approval to pitch less than 40 ft. must be announced to the class before the class starts to pitch.


6.  Use NatStats three highest tournament percentages.  Percentages are determined from the last 12 months or the last 10 tournaments.  Percentages will be taken from the internet prior to each tournament.  The total ringers will be divided by the total number of shoes pitched for those three tournaments.


7.  The Eastern PA Points Championship will award points for each position finished in every class at all Eastern PA completed tournaments. (except the Eastern PA doubles and state tournaments)  Weekly standings should be posted at each tournament:


            1st place……………………….$100.00 + a plate

            2nd place………………………...$75.00 + a plate

            3rd place………………………...$50.00 + a plate


8.  All pitchers must pay $1.00 per game to scorekeepers in all Eastern PA sanctioned tournaments.


9.  Pitchers are not allowed to practice at a tournament until the time is announced by the tournament director.  Directors will allow a minimum of twenty minutes for “warm-ups” prior to the start of each class.


Dale Estep made a motion seconded by Denny Lloyd to move next year’s membership meeting to the second Saturday in February.  All voted yes.


The meeting adjourned at 2:30.


                                                                   Carlton W. Young


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