Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association:

2005 Membership Meeting


The annual membership meeting of the Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers’ Association was held on Saturday, February 5, 2005, at Mt. Wolf. There were 31 members in attendance.


President Jim Eldred called the meeting to order at 12:00. Butch Young read the minutes of the directors’ meeting from Sunday, Nov. 7th. A motion was made by Jim Wech and seconded by Roger Wandell to approve the minutes as read. The motion carried. 


Next, Butch Young read the annual treasurer’s report. A motion was made by Harold Clippinger and seconded by Dick Norris to approve the report. The motion carried.


Pres. Jim Eldred expressed his thanks to everyone who helped him during his first year as president. He said his transition into the position was relatively smooth because of support he received.


Officers’ Reports:

Jim next called upon all the officers, but no one had anything to report.


Election of Officers:

It was announced that Dean McCurdy has resigned his position as 1st  Vice President. This means that the 2nd and 3rd vice presidents will move up respectively. This creates an opening for the office of 3rd vice president.              Jim Eldred opened the floor to nominations. John Monismith, Jim Wech, and Butch Maisel were all nominated and declined.  Dale Estep was nominated and accepted. A motion was made by Dick Dart and seconded by Harold Clippinger to close the nominations. Dale was approved by a unanimous vote.           


New Business:

Jim Eldred next announced that the 2005 state singles tournament will be held at Brady’s Run Park in Beaver County during Labor Day weekend.           


 Jim Eldred called to everyone’s attention a pitcher being late with their 2004 membership dues. It was discovered at the national level that the individual pitched in a 2004 tournament without a current card. Herm Specht graciously paid for the card, and the situation was resolved.           


 Darle Esh raised a question about how we can get our state tournament results sent in to “Newsline”.  He said it would be nice to see the singles and doubles tournaments published. It was suggested that the tournament coordinator should have this responsibility.   


Considerable time was spent discussing the problem of having wide ranges in pitching percentages in some classes, particularly in state tournaments. Jim Eldred reminded everyone that handicapping may not be done in “championship”classes for state tournaments. All classes other than the “championship” classes may be handicapped at the discretion of the tournament committee. It was also announced that handicapping might be used at some tournaments this year.  The 2005 schedule will designate the tournaments that may use a handicap system.           


The next item of business was to act on Eastern PA’s annual contribution of $150.00 to the NHPF (Hall of Fame in Joelton). Due to some legal wrangling over ownership, it was thought that we should forego the donation until the issue is settled. A motion was made by Darle Esh and seconded by Jim Wech. The motion carried.            


Leroy Bumgardner was introduced. A motion was made by Dick Norris and seconded by Roger Wandell to appoint him as tournament director at the Stone Creek Valley Lions Courts.           

Harold Clippinger raised the notion that we ought to drop the rule about not being allowed to “warm up” before a tournament until announced.  He expressed concern that some people will not be given adequate time to get loose before their class begins. He presented this suggestion in the form of a motion, and Dale Estep seconded it. A vote by show of hands was taken, and the motion failed.           


In a related matter, Jim Dehl made a motion that item # 9 of our rules and regulations should have the following addendum. “Pitchers will be allowed a minimum of twenty minutes to warm up before the start of their class.” Mike Creek seconded the motion. A voice vote was taken, and the motion carried.             


There was no other business. Dick Norris made a motion seconded by Mike Creek to adjourn the meeting.