Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association:

2004 Membership Meeting

Saturday, February 7, 2004

Mt. Wolf, PA



The annual meeting of the Eastern PA Horseshoe Pitchers’ Association was held on Saturday, February 7, 2004 at Mt. Wolf. The meeting was called to order by Pres. Frank McAllen at 12:10. Thirty-two members were in attendance.


The minutes of the Nov. 9th directors’ meeting at Frank McAllen’s were read by Sec/Treas. Carlton Young. Tom Decker clarified that he would make the boards for the doubles tournament, but the plates would need to be added at the expense of the association. Dick Scott also called to everyone’s attention that as of recently it is now possible to access the NatStats and determine how many tournaments have been pitched by each member and where they were pitched. A brief discussion followed concerning where the three required tournaments need to be pitched, to qualify for the State Singles Championships in the east. A motion was made by Dick Scott and seconded by Harold Clippinger that a player need only pitch in three tournaments for the year with no restrictions as to where. The motion passed unanimously. Next a motion was made by Jim Wech and seconded by Jim Eldred to change the bylaws accordingly. The motion passed by voice vote. Tom Decker informed us that he had the bylaws saved at home on his computer, and he would amend them accordingly.


The reading of the financial report was done by the secretary/treasurer. A motion was made by Steve Morse and seconded by Dick Norris to approve the report. All approved.


Officers’ Reports:


Pres. Frank McAllen: Frank thanked everyone who helped him during his two years as president. He then asked for a moment of silence in memory of those members who died this past year.


1st Vice Pres. Jim Eldred: no report


2nd Vice Pres. Dean McCurdy: no report


3rd Vice Pres. Mark Clippinger: no report


Regional Director: Darle Esh: no report


New Business:


The question was raised as to when a pitcher can be issued a card designating him as a “less than 40 ft.” pitcher particularly when they turn 70 after the season has started. It was announced that they may request a new card the day of their 70th birthday, and they are then eligible to move up.

The idea of using some sort of mesh behind the stakes might be a good idea as opposed to a solid backboard. This would allow spectators to better see the court nearest them. No action was taken.


Concern was raised about getting the information out to pitchers when tournaments are in jeopardy of being cancelled because of inclement weather. It was suggested that if possible, tournament directors can make a cell phone number available that can be called to get the status of the tournament first-hand.


Carlton Young announced that the checks and plates for the 2003 pts. championship have been mailed to the three top finishers.


Frank provided copies of a medical exemption policy to all tournament directors. The information was sent to him by Dick Hansen. Directors were asked to review it for possible consideration in the future.


Frank emphasized to the directors present that the NHPA insurance only covers sanctioned clubs and tournaments. All other activities held on club courts are not covered.


The next item discussed was the practice of pitchers warming up on courts adjacent to courts currently being used by other classes. It was said that this is unfair to people keeping score as well as a distraction to the pitching in progress. Frank suggested that a ninth item can be added to the rules and regulations for eastern PA that would address this issue. A motion was made by Martin Bubb and seconded by Mike Creek that there will be no practice pitching allowed on tournament day until the time is announced by the tournament director. The motion passed unanimously. This will become item number nine in the rules and regulations for Eastern PA.


It was suggested that every effort be made to notify the pitchers of changes for the year 2004. Carlton Young agreed to make note of the changes when the new cards are mailed out.


It was announced that the 2004 schedules are now available thanks to Dick Scott.

It was also decided that the reporting of tournament results used in 2003 worked very well. It was suggested to continue the practice of mailing copies of tournament summaries to Lee Estep, Dick Scott, and now Steve Strausbaugh.


Frank McAllen raised concern about the low number of Eastern PA pitchers that make the State Hall of Fame. He feels there certainly are members (current or deceased) that deserve this recognition, but they are not being nominated. He urged all members present to consider nominations in the future. Renominations of people who failed to be inducted previously can also be made.


Next, Tom Decker gave a first-hand report on his visit to the National Hall of Fame in Jolton, TN. He reported that this is where our annual donation of $150.00 has been going. He recommended that all of us should visit the site if possible. A motion was made by Tom Decker and seconded by Jim Eldred that we send $150.00 to the NHPF as our annual donation. All voted yes.


The next item of business was the adoption of the rules and regulations for Eastern PA. A motion was made by Dick Dart and seconded by Martin Bubb to accept them as read.

1. A $15.00 fee will be required for all Eastern PA tournaments in 2004. The state tournaments may be different. $2.00 from each entry fee at all tournaments (except a state tournament) are to be given to the sec./treas. for use in future PA tournaments.

2. The NHPA card will cost: adults $15.00. (NHPA dues & ins. $12.00 + Eastern PA dues $3.00 = $15.00)….. . juniors $8.00: (NHPA dues & ins. $5.00 + Eastern PA dues $3.00 = $8.00)

3. The dress code will be strictly enforced. (One warning only will be given.)

4. Men pitching 40ft. and men and women pitching “less than 40 ft.” may be mixed in classes. Tournament directors will decide.

5. Allow pitchers 70 years old and over to pitch “less than 40 ft.” Approval to pitch less than 40 ft. must be announced to the class before the class starts to pitch.

6. Use NatStats three highest tournament percentages. Percentages are determined from the last 12 months or the last 10 tournaments. Percentages will be taken from the internet prior to each tournament. The total ringers will be divided by the total number of shoes pitched for those three tournaments.

7. The Eastern PA Points Championship will award points for each position finished in every class at all Eastern PA completed tournaments except the Eastern PA doubles and state tournaments. Weekly standings should be posted at each tournament.

1st place………………………….$100.00 + plate

2nd place…………………………..$75.00 + plate

3rd place…………………………...$50.00 + plate

8. All pitchers must pay $1.00 per game to scorekeepers in all Eastern PA sanctioned tournaments.

9. Pitchers are not allowed to practice at a tournament until the time is announced by the tournament director.


A point of clarification was made concerning the “75th Anniversary” thought to be observed this year. It was determined by Frank McAllen’s research that 2004 is not the 75th anniversary of anything concerning horseshoe pitching in Pennsylvania. The notion of a special observance was dropped.


Election of Officers


The next item of business was the election of officers. A motion was made by Tom Decker and seconded by Denny Lloyd that the current officers advance to their respective offices. All voted yes. This advancement makes the following officers:


President………………..Jim Eldred

1st Vice President……….Dean McCurdy

2nd Vice President………Mark Clippinger

3rd Vice President……….open for nominations


The office of 3rd Vice President was open for nominations. Mike Creek and Tom Decker accepted nominations. Both nominees received 16 votes. Frank McAllen cast the tie-breaking vote giving the office to Mike Creek.

Next, nominations for Assistant Secretary/Treasurer were accepted. Tom Decker was nominated. The nominations were closed, and Tom was elected by a unanimous vote.


The position of tournament coordinator was next discussed. Volunteers from the floor were sought by Frank McAllen. Steve Strausbaugh volunteered to accept the position, and he was appointed by the president.


Tom Decker presented a framed picture to both John Monismith and Mike Creek congratulating them on their 2003 PA State Doubles Championship.


A question was raised about the entry fees for the 2004 state singles tournament and the state doubles tournament. It was agreed that this action will be handled by the tournament committee.


A motion to adjourn was made by Tom Baker and seconded by Darle Esh. The meeting adjourned at 1:30.



Carlton Young


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