Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association

Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association:

Pre-Season 2004 EPHPA Directors Meeting

November 9, 2003

Please note: these minutes have not yet been approved; the vote to approve will be held at the February meeting in Mt. Wolf. If you have any questions, please bring them to the Mt. Wolf meeting or forward them to your local representative.


The directors of Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers’ Association met on Sunday, November 9, 2003 at the home of Frank McAllen and Mary Jane Diffenbaucher. The meeting began at 12:00 with a delicious lunch provided by Frank and Mary Jane.


Following the lunch, Frank called the meeting to order at approximately 12:45. In attendance were:

                 Robert Sheriff,   Dick Scott,   Dale Estep
                 Herm Specht,   Dick Dart,   Tom Baker
                 Jim Wech,   Allan Gipe,   Ray McConnell
                 Mark Clippinger,   Jim Eldred,   Steve Morse
                 Dean McCurdy,   Joe Rinehart,   Darle Esh
                 Frank McAllen,   Carlton Young


The minutes of the February 1, 2003 meeting at Mt. Wolf were read by Sec/Treas. Carlton Young. A motion was made by Jim Eldred and seconded by Steve Morse to accept the report as read. The motion carried.


The treasurer’s report for the year from Jan. 1, 2003 to October 31, 2003 was read by the secretary/treasurer. It showed a beginning balance of $3,121.12 and an ending balance of $3,628.90. A motion was made by Bob Sheriff and seconded by Dale Estep to accept the treasurer’s report. All voted yes.


Next, Frank called upon the officer’s for reports.

1st Vice Pres. Jim Eldred………….no report

2nd Vice Pres. Dean McCurdy…….no report

3rd Vice Pres. Mark Clippinger: Mark expressed happiness in the good turn-out for the meeting. He expressed his sadness in the passing of several members this year; Glenn Brown, Ira Stine, John Clippinger,and John Fulton.


Regional Director: Darle Esh: Darle raised concern about people practicing before their pitching time on courts adjacent to ones that are still being used by another class. He said it is not being fair to those still pitching or to people keeping score for other classes in progress. He also suggested we consider having tournament directors wear an orange vest as well as a designated judge. He recommends that in the interest of fairness we have a designated amount of time to warm up before the start of each class.


Tournament Coordinator: Brandon Savage resigned the position.


The next item of business discussed was the number of required tournaments to pitch in order to qualify for the state singles tournament in Eastern Pennsylvania. Dick Scott reported that there is no way to verify where the pitchers have pitched the tournaments that show up on NatStats. It was the consensus of those in attendance that we should not worry about where the tournaments are pitched, but that we should simply require a minimum of three.


It was reported that Western PA would like to host the state singles tournament every other year from now on, and that they would like to host the state doubles tournament on the alternating year. No action was taken.


In hosting the state singles tournament every other year concerns were raised about whether or not we would have sufficient finances. After some lengthy discussion a motion was made by Jim Wech to raise tournament entry fees from $12.00 to $15.00/pitcher. Of this fee, $2.00/pitcher is to be paid to the Secretary/Treasurer for the state tournament fund. The remaining $13.00/pitcher is to be used for tournament winnings. The motion was seconded by Dale Estep and passed unanimously by voice vote.


The cost for NHPA cards will remain at $15.00. Of this amount $12.00 is sent to NHPA and $3.00 remains in the Eastern PA account.


The following rules and regulations for Eastern PA were accepted and recommended for consideration at the Mt. Wolf meeting in February. The motion for recommendation was made by Darle Esh and seconded by Jim Eldred.


1. A $15.00 fee will be required for all Eastern PA regular tournaments in 2004. The state tournaments may be different. $2.00 from each entry fee at all tournaments (except a state tournament) is to be given to the sec./treas. for use in future PA tournaments.


2. The NHPA card will cost $15.00. (NHPA dues $10.00 + ins. $2.00 + Eastern PA dues $3.00.)


3. The dress code will be strictly enforced (one warning only).


4. Men pitching 40ft. and men and women pitching 30 ft. may be mixed in classes. Tournament directors will decide.


5. Allow pitchers age 70 and over to pitch less than 40ft. Approval to pitch less than 40ft. must be announced to the class before the class starts to pitch.


6. Use NatStats 3 highest tournament percentages. Percentages are determined from the past 12 months or the last 10 tournaments. Percentages will be taken from the internet prior to each tournament. The total ringers will be divided by the total number of shoes pitched for those three tournaments.


7. The Eastern PA Points Championship will award points for each position finished in every class at all Eastern PA completed tournaments except the Eastern PA doubles and state tournaments. Weekly postings should be posted at each tournament.

1st Place……………..$100.00 + plate

2nd Place……………...$75.00 + plate

3rd Place……………...$50.00 + plate


8. All pitchers must pay $1.00 per game to scorekeepers in all Eastern PA sanctioned tournaments.


It was announced that Gene Lamparter needed to be replaced as Assistant Secretary/Treasurer. A replacement will be elected at Mt. Wolf in February.


A 3rd Vice President will need to be elected at the Mt. Wolf meeting. Steve Strausbaugh was nominated and seconded by Bob Sheriff. A vote will take place at the membership meeting.


Volunteers will be sought to replace Brandon Savage as tournament coordinator. The position is to be appointed by the president.


The next item of business to be discussed was the location of the 2004 PA State Singles Tournament. Roxbury expressed interest in hosting it once again. Darle Esh made a motion seconded by Dean McCurdy to have the 2004 State Singles tournament at Roxbury. The motion passed with all voting , yes. The tournament will again be Labor Day Weekend.


The PA State Doubles tournament will be held the weekend of Sept. 18-19. Dick Scott volunteered to hold the tournament in New Cumberland. A motion was made by Steve Morse and seconded by Bob Sheriff to approve this location. All voted yes.


Next discussed was our annual donation of $150.00 to the NHPF. A motion was made by Jim Eldred and seconded by Dale Estep to continue this for 2004. All approved by voice vote.


It was announced that Tom Decker has volunteered to make plaques for the PA Doubles Tournament.


The next item discussed was the formation of a committee for the planning purposes of the state singles tournament. Darle Esh, Joe Rinehart, Ray McConnell, Tom Decker, and Bob Sheriff will serve as the committee.


A request was made by the secretary/treasurer to have the fiscal year run from November-October. This will prevent an overlap of receipts since new cards are sold beginning in November. Allen Gipe made the motion to approve this request seconded by Mark Clippinger. The motion carried.


The next meeting will be the general membership meeting at Mt. Wolf on Saturday, Feb 7, beginning a 12:00.


A motion was made by Dale Estep to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Jim Wech. The meeting adjourned at 3:10.

Carlton Young


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