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2014 World Tournament Pins from Buffalo, NY are now available. Contact Mike Taylor at 717-576-1069

The General Membership meeting will be Sunday, February 15th at Mt.Wolf at 12:00 Noon.

Please note: I will not be able to attend due to family obligations. Please send me any questions or comments regarding the EPHPA Website via email pennshoes@yahoo.com and I will send the answers to the meeting. Or, bring any questions in writing regarding the Eastern PA Website to the meeting, give them to Dale and I will post the answers the following week. Thank you, Lee Estep, EPHPA Webmaster.

The 2015 Indoor Championship will be hosted by Beaver Falls and the 2015 PA State tournament by HOPE in Carnegie PA.

2014-15 Indoor Tournament Schedule & Announcements.

The next Indoor Tournament is February 14,2015 with a deadline of February 4th. The tournament director is Denny Hall.

CONGRATULATIONS TO 2014 Pennsylvania Singles Champions

Men's Championship Class:    Mike Creek
Women's Championship Class:    Cindy Hoffman
Elder's Championship Class:    Glen Burris
Cadet's Championship Class:    Trevor Swaim
Junior's Championship Class:    Lauren Jadlocki

CONGRATULATIONS TO 2014 Eastern PA Points Champions

             1st Place: Walter Burtner
             2nd Place: Ivan Header
             3rd Place: Maynard Bowman

How did Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers finish at the 2014 World Horseshoe Pitching Tournament?

Congratulations to:

Bob McKee--Sr Men D--1st Place
Jean Olsen--Women E--1st Place
George Petro--Mens M1--1st Place
Tony White--Mens G2--1st Place Robert Shugars, Jr--Mens H2--1st Place
Robert Shugars, Sr--Men K2--1st Place
Aaron Hanes--Cadet B--1st Place
Homer Page--Elders D Prelim.--1st Place

CONGRATULATIONS TO 2013 PA State Doubles Champions

             Doubles Champions: Randy & Rodney Zeiders
             Mixed Doubles: Darle Esh & Ray Haskins

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Any clubs or members can add photos, comments, or stories from their tournaments.
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Congratulations to the Reedsville Team --
Winners of the 2014 Club Challenge

Clockwise from bottom left, Don Bubb, Darle Esh, Bob Stewart, Martin Bubb(captain), Sherwood Frankhouser, Rodney Zeiders, Randy Zeiders

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How did Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers finish at the 2014 World Horseshoe Pitching Tournament?
NHPA Membership Cards Available - $25

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                     2008 World Tournament Photo Albums (7)

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